What Legendaries Are In Pokemon Platinum On Poco M6 5G? | Dr.fone

What Legendaries Are In Pokemon Platinum On Poco M6 5G? | Dr.fone

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What Legendaries Are In Pokemon Platinum On Poco M6 5G?

Pokemon Platinum is an engaging role-playing video game introduced by Nintendo and Game Freak. Released in 2008 in Japan, Platinum is an enhanced version of Pokemon Pearl and Diamond.

Platinum legendaries 1

In the game, players control a female or male character. It starts with three Pokemon provided by Professor Rowan. Giratina, the mascot Pokemon, plays the most important role in the game’s plot. In addition, there are numerous Platinum legendaries in this Pokemon gaming version.

In this post, we will learn about all legendaries in Platinum version. You will also learn how to capture legendaries in the game.

Part 1: What Legendaries are in Pokemon Platinum?

Platinum legendaries 2

There are about 18 platinum legendaries Pokemon that you can obtain per game cartridge. These include even Pokemon as well. You can catch them while playing the video game. Here is the list of legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum Version:

1. Giratina: First encountered in its powerful Origin Forme, Girartina exists, after defeating Cyrus, at the ened of the Distortion World. The Level 47 Pokemon occurs before you get the National Dex. When you flee from it or KO it, the Pokemon re-appears at the end of Turnback Cave after you defeat the Elite Four. You have to reach Giratina within 30 rooms, and advisably, never turn back; else you will be left at the cave’s beginning.

2. Uxie: Found in found in Acuity Cavern in the middle of Lake Acuity, Uxie is one of the three legendary Pokemon scattered around Sinnoh after you have battled and qwelled Giratina. The Level 50 Pokemon is reachable by walking or riding up without any fear of attack. This is one of the popular platinum legendaries.

Platinum legendaries 3

3. Azelf: Located in Valor Cavern, in the middle of Lake Valor, Azelf is the Blue Pokemon in the trio. The Level 50 Pokemon does not attack you as you walk or ride up to it. Spray Super Repels as you move towards the Pokemon and surf onto the rocky island housing a cave to catch it.

4. Mesprit: Hidden in Lake Verity, Mesprit is another Pokemon in the trio. The Level 50 Pokemon runs off as you approach him for a battle. His location is registered in the Map in Poketech, and the Pokemon appears randomly in various routes and grass. Make sure you trap it quickly as it will try to flee the very first battle turn.

5. Dialga: Once you get the National Pokédex, you talk to the grandmother of Cynthia and fine the Adamant Orb located on the Mountain Coronet. Next, you return to the Mt. Coronet Summit and arrive at the Spear Pillar. Here, you will spot a Blue portal and Dialga comes to you from it to battle you.

6. Palkia: When you arrive at the Spear Pillar, you will see a Pink portal. Interact with it by pressing A to have Palkia Platinum battle you. Another popular among platinum legendaries, Palkia is a hassle-free Pokemon to capture.

Platinum legendaries 4

7. Heatran: Found inside a cave around Stark Mountain, Heatran appears as you come back to the place where Charon was arrested. When you try to enter the Mountain, you team up with Buck, another trainer. You follow him and speak to his grandfather. You catch the Level 50 Heatran once you return to Stark Mountain.

8. Regigigas: Found on the basement of Snowpoint Temple, Regigigas Platinum does not require HM moves to be reachable. Resolving puzzles on each floor, you arrive at the Temple, bringing Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. You will need them to battle with this Level 1 Pokemon and capture him. Regigigas is found asleep on the floor.

9. Cresselia: Cresselia is the Level 50 Pokemon that roams Sinnoh after you communicate with it on Fullmoon Island. So, you must reach the Full Moon Island to heal the Sailor’s child, and after that you will meet Cresselia. After you interact with it, the Pokemon runs and roams Sinnoh’s grass.

Platinum legendaries 5

10. Articuno: Like Cresselia, Articuno also roams the grass of Sinnoh. In order for the birds’ release, you visit and speak to Professor Oak who can be found in his house in Eterna City. You need to obtain National Pokedex in order to speak to Professor Oak. The professor tells you that you can find Articuno nearby within Sinnoh. The Level 60 legendary Pokemon can be found roaming the Sinnoh’s grass. So, make sure you are prudent when hunting Articuno.

11. Zapdos: Once you have got the National Pokédex, you speak to Professor Oak. The professor tells you about Zapdos who roams the grasses of Sinnoh. Like with Articuno, you to be prudent in your hunting to catch this Level 60 legendary Pokemon.

12. Moltres: Again, you have to reach out and speak to Professor Oak to spot Moltres who is the level 60 legendary Pokemon.

13. Regirock: Located in Rock Peak Ruins, Regirock is a level 30 legendary Pokemon in the Platinum version. Transfer the Regigigas obtained from the 11th movie and team up with it. After that, you can access a special cave in Route 228, where you will find another cave. Go there with Regigigas Platinum and enter a new cave. You will find a status in the cave. Go up to it and Regirock will attack you.

Platinum legendaries 6

14. Regice: With Regigigas on your team, you can access to a special room located in Mt. Coronet. On the exit to Route 216, you will see a cave names Iceberg Ruins. Enter in the cave with Regigigas and reach out to Iceberg Ruins, where Regice will battle you. Regice is located at level 30.

15. Registeel: Located in the Iron Ruins cave on Iron Island, Registeel is accessible only if you have Regigigas on your team. Enter the cave with a Metal Coat, and as you go up to the statue in the cave, Registeel – the level 30 Pokemon – will attack.

16. Darkrai: Darkrai is an event-only Pokemon that is located in-game once you have obtained the Membership Pass to the Nintendo Event. With the pass, enter into the locked inn located in Canalave City. Fall asleep on the bed and wake up on the New Moon Island, where you follow the path until you arrive at the middle of the island. You will find level 50 Darkrai in the middle. Capture the Pokemon here.

17. Shaymin: Another event-only legendary Pokemon Shaymin is approachable of all legendaries in Platinum. It is accessible only if you have Oak’s Letter from Nintendo Event. Go to the Route 224 with this letter to see Professor Oak standing by a white rock. Speak with him to see Marley, and just after that, Shaymin will appear run north. Follow the Pokemon up to the Flower Paradise to battle it.

Platinum legendaries 7

18. Arceus: Arceus, the level 80 Pokemon, is also an event-only Pokemon who is accessible with the Azure Flute obtained from Nintendo Event. At the Spear Pillar, you will be asked if you want to play the flute. If yes, the flute is played and a huge staircase appears. Climb up the staircase and you will find the Pokemon resting there. Go up and battle him.

Part 2: How do you catch the legendary Pokemon in platinum?

There are a few cheats to capture platinum legendaries in Pokemon. In addition to the official methods discusses above, you can use action replay codes or try location spoofing.

2.1 Action Replay Codes

There are many action replay codes available on the Internet. Using these codes, you can easily capture legendary Pokemon available with the Pokemon Platinum Version.

Make sure you get these codes only from reliable websites or sources. Otherwise, you may get banned from playing this game permanently.

Platinum legendaries 8

2.2 Location Spoofing with Dr. Fone Virtual Location

Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS/Android) . With this tool, you can teleport your iPhone GPS to any other desired place worldwide with only a few clicks. This reliable application sets up a virtual GPS location. Therefore, all other location-based apps, including Pokemon Platinum Version, installed on your device, believe that you are actually there. Use this tool to capture platinum legendaries.

Here is the step-by-step process to use Dr.Fone Virtual Location for location spoofing on your device:

For this illustration, we will use using Dr.fone to see how to iPhone GPS spoofing for Pokemon Platinum:

Step 1: Load the app on your iOS device. For this purpose, you have to go to Dr.fone official website. Next, download and install the app on your smartphone. Next, connect your iOS device with your PC.

Platinum legendaries 9

Step 2: Tap the ‘Virtual Location’ option at Dr.Fone home screen to change the location of your device. You will see another window opened up on your phone’s screen.

Platinum legendaries 10

Step 3: Next, click on ‘Get Started’ and select the desired fake location on the map you see on the Dr.Fone app. At the top-right corner of the window, there are three icons. Click on the third icon - Teleport. Next, tap on the desired location or enter the name of the location in the search box you see on the left side.

Platinum legendaries 11

Step 4: You have set your virtual location in the Dr.Fone map view. In case you find any controversy in that location, you have to go back and change your location again to be on the safe side.

Platinum legendaries 12

Step 5: For GPS location spoofing on your iPhone map, open your current location. You will see that your virtual address is your current location now. It’s because Dr.Fone has successfully modified the location setting of your device, not just the game.

Platinum legendaries 13

Now, enjoy playing Pokemon Platinum and capture more Legendary Pokemon to level up in the game.

Part 3: How to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Platinum?

Mewtwo in the Pokemon game was introduced to be the strongest Pokemon. It lives up to that and has a mega evolution that makes Mewtwo even stronger when compared to its original form. The Pokemon can learn powerful psychic moves, such as confusion and recover.

Frankly, Mewtwo can be located only in the Cerulean Cave that further locates in Kanto. That’s why you cannot find Mewtwo in Platinum. And, if you want to obtain Mewtwo, you have to migrate or trade for one.

Platinum legendaries 14

According to some users, you can get Mewtwo with Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green. With these in hand, you can obtain Mewtwo in cerulean cave once you have defeated the Elite 4.


Hopefully, these comprehensive guides help you learn about all legendaries in Platinum. Advisably, using the location spoofing with a reliable app like Dr.Fone - Virtual Location can be a great way to capture more legendary Pokemon in a much easier way.

How Can I Catch the Regional Pokémon without Traveling On Poco M6 5G

The main goal that the designers of Pokémon Go had in mind for the past few years was to create a framework that prompts players to get off their loungers and go into the real world in search of Pokémon. If you are wondering why there are certain types of Pokémon enlisted as ‘blanks’ in your Pokedex and you haven’t yet found them, it’s probably because they are marked as ‘regional’ types. This means that these Pokémon are exclusively locked in select regions around the world. Don’t Panic! You don’t have to spend a boat load of cash in order to catch these special regional Pokémon as there are tricks you can apply to catch them without even stepping out of your kitchen.

Part 1: List of the regional Pokémon that have been announced

Since the game publishers released these special regional Pokémon, they have been locked in their geo-specific locations around the world. There is a set or pair of regional Pokémon for each generation that has been introduced into the game. Regions may not be defined by real-time borders but are divided according to the type of the Pokémon and the place they are more likely to spawn.

These places may be specific to countries (Tauros spawn in the US), specific to a continent (Mr.Mime Spawn in Europe), specific to a region (Corsola spawn in the Tropics), and even certain halves of the planet (Lunastone and Solrock spawn in the Southern half and Northern half of the equator, respectively). These Pokémon are not necessarily rare spawn types. If you are traveling in their region, they may pop up quite frequently. You should take note that regional Pokémon won’t become available in Gyms or in Nests since they will only spawn in the wild. However, you can yet find them through eggs but only in their specific regions.

There are some exceptions among the regionals as well. These exceptions are known to swap their spawn locations or drop out of regional exclusivities like Zangoose and Seviper, or Minun and Plusle. Some regional Pokémon may also turn up in special in-game events like how Farfetch’d spawned during the 2017 Pokémon Go Travel Challenge.

If you are not a frequent traveler or know fellow trainers who are willing to trade their regional Pokémon then you may need to be patient and follow a few extra steps in order to get your hands on these rare types of Pokémon.

List of different Regional Pokémon – Where and How to Catch them All!

As of now, there are over 40 different regional Pokémon divided across generations that can be captured or hatched only in specific expanses of the world. There are of course occasional overlaps of Pokémon slipping out of their region and into other sectors. Let’s get into the list of all the region-specific Pokémon of different generations and where to find them.

Gen 1/ Kanto Pokémon

kanto pokemon

  • Taouros: North America.
  • Farfetch’d: Asia.
  • Mr. Mime: Europe.
  • Kangashkhan: Australia/Pacific.

Gen 2/ Johto Pokémon

johto pokemon

  • Heracross: South America/ Southern Florida.
  • Corsola: Equatorial Latitudes.

Gen 3/ Hoenn Pokémon

hoenn pokemon

  • Tropius: The Middle East and Africa.
  • Torkoal: Southeast Asia.
  • Volbeat: Europe, Australia, and Asia.
  • Relicanth: The Cook Islands/New Zealand.
  • Solrock: Currently America and Africa. Switches with Lunastone.
  • Lunastone: Currently Europe and Asia. Switches with Solrock.
  • Illumise: America and Africa.
  • Seviper: Currently America and Africa. Switches with Zangoose.
  • Zangoose: Currently in Europe, Australia, and Asia. Switches with Seviper.

Gen 4/ Sinnoh Pokémon

sinnoh pokemon

  • Pachirisu: Canada.
  • Chatot: Southern Hemisphere.
  • Shellos: Pink Variant – Western Hemisphere. Blue Variant – Eastern Hemisphere.
  • Carnivine: Southeastern United States.
  • Uxie: Available on select raid periods. Asia and Pacific.
  • Azelf: Available on select raid periods. America.
  • Mesprit: Available on select raid periods. Middle East, Africa, and India.

Gen 5/ Unova Pokémon

unova pokemon

  • Pansear: The Middle East, Africa, India, and Europe.
  • Pansage: Asia/Pacific.
  • Heatmor: Western Hemisphere. Switches with Durant.
  • Durant: Eastern Hemisphere. Switches with Heatmor.

Part 2: How to use Dr.Fone - Virtual Location to catch Regional Pokémon

Catching regionally exclusive Pokémon requires you to travel to that location or region where the Pokémon is located, as it was originally intended by the game. Remember that Pokémon Go functions by tracking your location via GPS. Your GPS however, is a virtual means of tracking your IP address which can be faked using the right mock GPS and VPN. You can use a mock virtual location to fake your actual location and make it seem like you’re traveling around the world. The game itself would be tricked, allowing you to travel to regions and get your hands on those geo-exclusive Pokémon.

To get the best out of your mock location and also to avoid the risk of hitting a light ban on your account, Dr.Fone Virtual Location by Wondershare has been reviewed as a Mock GPS you can easily rely on. It offers a number of features that can come in handy while faking your location such as adjusting the speed so that it may seem like you’re actually traveling, you can use a 360-degree virtual joystick for manual control over your movements and you can also select specific routes on the map on which you want your in-game avatar to move on.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

You can follow these easy steps to set up and access your Dr.Fone Virtual Location in an instant and teleport to anywhere in the world.

Step 1: Download the Program

Download Dr.Fone – Virtual Location. Install and launch the program. Click ‘Virtual Location’ to get access to the options window.

drfone home

Step 2: Connect Device

Get the USB cable and connect your iPhone to the PC. And then click ‘Get Started’ to proceed.

virtual location 01

Step 3: Check the Location

When the location map opens, click on ‘Centre On’ to accurately pinpoint the GPS to your location.

virtual location 03

Step 4: Activate teleport mode

Now, click on the icon given in the upper right-hand corner. Enter your desired location on the upper right field and then click ‘Go’.

virtual location 04

Step 5: Start Teleporting

Once the location of your choice pops up, click ‘Move here’ in the pop-up box.

virtual location 05

Once the location has been changed, you can center your GPS or move the location on your device, it will still be set to the location you have selected.

Part 3: Tips to help catch Regional Pokémon

Catching regional Pokémon is just like catching any regular Pokémon. When they spawn near your location, you catch it by throwing a Poke ball at it. If the Poke ball is seen shaking, it means that the Pokémon is resisting and may just pop out from the ball in which case you may have to throw another one at it. Now, if you are traveling and you have limited time or a number of spawns then here are a few tips you can utilize to enhance your chances of landing a catch.

  • Curve Ball: Practice your curveball throws. Throwing a curve ball automatically increases your chances of preventing a Pokémon from slipping through your hands, plus you also get a 17x bonus with each successful curve catch.
  • Maximize your Medals: Medals increase your performance in the game without costing you any extra resources like Great balls, Ultra Balls, or Razz Balls. So, try and max out your medals to increase your chances of catching rare Pokémon, especially the exclusive ones.
  • Keep Consistent: The algorithm of the game is quite complex but eventually, a pattern emerges. You will notice that if you keep practicing with great or excellent catches with the smaller (low XP) Pokémon, it increases your chances of catching the ones that put up a fight.
  • Save your Berries: Feeding a Pokémon with Razz Berries increases your assurances of catching the Pokémon while also giving you a 15x bonus when you land a successful catch. Save your berries for those persistent Pokémon spawns.
  • Use Powerful Poke balls: Last but definitely not least, use powerful balls like the Great Ball or Ultra Ball to maximize your chances of catching Pokémon. You should also remember that these are diminishable resources so use them wisely. On catching a Pokémon with a Great ball you will get 15x and with an Ultra ball you would get 2x so utilize them accordingly to catch rare and super rare Pokémon.


The journey to completing your Pokedex may not be a short one as there are hundreds of Pokémon out there, and even hundreds more yet to be introduced into the game. Traveling the world in search of the rarest regional Pokémon is meant to be a fun and exciting experience, yet it may not be viable for some who wish to enjoy the game to the fullest. Utilizing a fake GPS and VPN can bridge the gaps in your Pokedex and keep the game fun for you at the same time. So keep playing and catching Pokémon as there are loads of other exciting installments yet to be introduced by Niantic in the future.

How can I get more stardust in pokemon go On Poco M6 5G?

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games worldwide, with over 80 million active players. The game will present tasks you should complete to collect items and Pokemons, thus improving your skill levels and making you better in the game.

One of the essential items you can get is Stardust, which will help you become the best trainer in the Pokemon Go industry. If you’re new to the game and are wondering what the importance of Stardust is in Pokemon Go, read ahead. We’ll teach you all about it and present methods to collect this item faster.

Part 1. What Is Stardust in Pokemon Go?

Stardust is a consumable item that allows you to strengthen your Pokemon. This item will help you reach the maximum of your Pokemon, making them more resilient and ready for potential fights. Moreover, Stardust is essential for trading – you must have a specific Stardust level to trade your valuables with another trainer.

Part 2. How Is Stardust Used in Pokemon Go?

Stardust can come in handy in several different scenarios in the Pokemon Go game. We’ll present all the use cases below to help you navigate your journey and learn the importance of collecting Stardust.

  • Power up– the most crucial feature of Stardust is that it can power up your Pokemon to its maximum CP. It’s ideal for PVP games, and you’ll get the most out of your experience with this consumable.
  • Trading– Stardust is essential for trading, and the amount of the item you need will depend on the Pokemon and the friendship level with the trader.
  • Second Charged Attack– you can unlock the second charged attack if you have a couple of them up your sleeve.
  • Purification – this consumable is used to purify the Shadow Pokemon left by Team Go Rocket.
  • Changing the form– you can use Stardust to change the form of your Pokemon character.

As you can see, Stardust is crucial for numerous gameplay experiences, so you should check out the guide below to learn how to collect these consumables.

power up using stardust

Part 3. Best Ways to Get Stardust in Pokemon Go

Since having Stardust is crucial for your Pokemon Go experience, you may be looking for the best ways to accumulate as many consumables as possible. We’ll present a couple of ways to reach your goals below.

Through Pvp Rewards

One of the best ways to earn Stardust is through Player versus Player features. When you’re playing with other users, you can earn Stardust based on the number of your previous wins, your game level, and the PVP outcome.

For instance, if you’re a Rank 2, you can earn around 2,000 Stardust points by winning a battle, and if you’re Rank 24, the number increases to about 200,000. You can also use a Star Piece to multiply your winnings by 1.5.

Another method is to play with your friends, and the Stardust points can vary from 300 to 1000, depending on your opponent’s rank.

pvp in pokemon go

By Opening Gifts

Opening gifts is one of the main components of the Pokemon Go experience. You’ll get daily gifts you can open for free, earn valuable items, and support your gameplay. Each gift can carry a certain amount of Stardust particles, so you don’t have to do anything to accumulate these items.

The maximum Stardust you can get in one gift is 300, which may not seem like a lot. However, if you open your gifts regularly, you’ll have the desired Stardust amount in no time. You should also combine this method with others mentioned in this article for the best experience.

opening gifts in pokemon go

By Hatching Pokemon

Hatching a Pokemon is also one of the essential parts of your Pokemon experience. Every time you hatch an egg, you’ll get Stardust points you can spend on numerous instances. The Stardust amount will depend on the egg itself; the higher the rank, the better the prices.

You can check out the list below to determine how much Stardust you’ll collect through your egg hatching:

  • 400–800 Stardust for hatching a 2km egg;
  • 600–1,600 Stardust for hatching a 5km egg;
  • 800–1,600 Stardust for hatching a 7km egg;
  • 1600–3200 Stardust for hatching a 10km egg;
  • 3200–6400 Stardust for hatching a 12km egg.

You can also use the Star Piece item to multiply the Stardust amount by 1.5.

eggs in pokemon go

By Catching Pokemon

Catching Pokemon is one of the most efficient ways of earning Stardust points. Each Pokemon has a base rate of 100 Stardust points, but you can earn more points depending on the Pokemon’s evolution stage. For instance, if the Pokemon is in the second stage, you’ll earn an additional 500 Stardust points.

Another thing you should look out for is specific Pokemon characters – some may carry more than 100 Stardust points as their base. For instance, you can get a whopping 2,100 Stardust points if you catch Audino, 950 for Garbodor, 1,000 for Chimecho, etc.

If you stay consistent and catch at least one Pokemon daily, you can get up to 9,000 Stardust points on the seventh day. Moreover, the first catch of the day will bring you an additional 1,800 points.

catch a pokemon

By Claiming Raid Rewards

When the Boss enters your Gym, you may think it’s a stressful scenario. However, you should consider the bright side and fight to earn valuable rewards, such as Stardust points.

Once you and your team defeat the Boss, you can collect the prizes. You’ll win 1,000 Stardust points each time a Boss enters, even if it leaves the Gym without a fight.

If you defeat the boss, you’ll also get a chance to catch the Pokemon, which can bring you even more Stardust points!

a raid battle in pokemon go

By Getting Rocket Rewards

Rocket rewards are sets of items you get after fighting the Team Go Rocket. Each time you beat this criminal group, you’ll be rewarded with either 500 or 1,000 Stardust points, depending on whether you were fighting Grunt or Team Go Leader.

Additionally, if you ever face Giovanni, you’ll get 5,000 points for fighting and beating him.

rocket battle in pokemon go

By Earning Research Rewards Through Completed Tasks

Each player will get their daily to-do list depending on their skill and game level. Once you enter the app, you can complete these daily tasks for Stardust points.

The amount of points you will win depends on the task’s difficulty and duration. However, you should complete all the daily tasks to accumulate as many consumables as possible.

For instance, if you’re on level 45, you can head to the Go Battle League 45 times to earn 4,500 Stardust points.

pokemon go research tasks

By Visiting the Gym

While on your daily walk in the Pokemon world, you should check out whether you can find some Gyms around you. If you do, stop by to hang around with some of the most precious Pokemon characters and give them a berry while you’re there.

You’ll earn 20 Stardust points for each berry you give a Pokemon. It may be the easiest way to earn and use these points for your experience. Plus, you’ll meet new characters and fully experience what the Pokemon world offers.

giving berries to pokemon characters

Claim Stardust Quickly in Pokemon Go by Using Location Spoofing

If you live in a rural area and don’t get too many chances to walk around and catch Pokemon characters, you can use a classic trick of location spoofing. It will allow you to change your virtual location and wander the streets of another city to discover more Pokemon opportunities.

However, you’ll need a reliable tool to realize your Pokemon goals. One of the best options is Wondershare Dr. Fone, which provides a Virtual Location feature suitable for this quest. Aside from the obvious, you can use this application to manage your smartphone, recover data, and improve your overall smartphone experience.

Virtual Location will allow you to head to any city in the world, collect the rarest Pokemon characters, and earn the most Stardust points possible. Thus, download Dr. Fone Virtual Location from an official source, connect your phone, and follow the steps below to learn how to enable Virtual Location:

  1. Open Dr. Fone Virtual Location and select the mode in the top right corner (One-Stop, Multistop, or Joystick Route).

choose the route mode

  1. Set the desired parameters.

choose parameters

  1. Click the Start Movingor Move Here

start moving

  1. You can also click on the Joystick feature to control your movements.

joystick mode

Once you turn the virtual location on, you’ll become an unbeatable Pokemon Go player.

Pokemon Go may be one of the most engaging games in the world. It requires you to move, complete tasks, catch Pokemon figures, and face numerous challenges daily, which is why it’s so popular in the gaming industry.

One of the features that contributes the most to your growth is Stardust, a consumable able to make your Pokemon dreams come to life.

If you’re searching for ways to collect these items as quickly as possible and gain incredible power, check out the guide below. We’ve discussed all the options you can try to obtain Stardust points, including changing your virtual location to get the most out of your journey.

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