How Can I Catch the Regional Pokémon without Traveling On Poco M6 5G | Dr.fone

How Can I Catch the Regional Pokémon without Traveling On Poco M6 5G | Dr.fone

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How Can I Catch the Regional Pokémon without Traveling On Poco M6 5G

The main goal that the designers of Pokémon Go had in mind for the past few years was to create a framework that prompts players to get off their loungers and go into the real world in search of Pokémon. If you are wondering why there are certain types of Pokémon enlisted as ‘blanks’ in your Pokedex and you haven’t yet found them, it’s probably because they are marked as ‘regional’ types. This means that these Pokémon are exclusively locked in select regions around the world. Don’t Panic! You don’t have to spend a boat load of cash in order to catch these special regional Pokémon as there are tricks you can apply to catch them without even stepping out of your kitchen.

Part 1: List of the regional Pokémon that have been announced

Since the game publishers released these special regional Pokémon, they have been locked in their geo-specific locations around the world. There is a set or pair of regional Pokémon for each generation that has been introduced into the game. Regions may not be defined by real-time borders but are divided according to the type of the Pokémon and the place they are more likely to spawn.

These places may be specific to countries (Tauros spawn in the US), specific to a continent (Mr.Mime Spawn in Europe), specific to a region (Corsola spawn in the Tropics), and even certain halves of the planet (Lunastone and Solrock spawn in the Southern half and Northern half of the equator, respectively). These Pokémon are not necessarily rare spawn types. If you are traveling in their region, they may pop up quite frequently. You should take note that regional Pokémon won’t become available in Gyms or in Nests since they will only spawn in the wild. However, you can yet find them through eggs but only in their specific regions.

There are some exceptions among the regionals as well. These exceptions are known to swap their spawn locations or drop out of regional exclusivities like Zangoose and Seviper, or Minun and Plusle. Some regional Pokémon may also turn up in special in-game events like how Farfetch’d spawned during the 2017 Pokémon Go Travel Challenge.

If you are not a frequent traveler or know fellow trainers who are willing to trade their regional Pokémon then you may need to be patient and follow a few extra steps in order to get your hands on these rare types of Pokémon.

List of different Regional Pokémon – Where and How to Catch them All!

As of now, there are over 40 different regional Pokémon divided across generations that can be captured or hatched only in specific expanses of the world. There are of course occasional overlaps of Pokémon slipping out of their region and into other sectors. Let’s get into the list of all the region-specific Pokémon of different generations and where to find them.

Gen 1/ Kanto Pokémon

kanto pokemon

  • Taouros: North America.
  • Farfetch’d: Asia.
  • Mr. Mime: Europe.
  • Kangashkhan: Australia/Pacific.

Gen 2/ Johto Pokémon

johto pokemon

  • Heracross: South America/ Southern Florida.
  • Corsola: Equatorial Latitudes.

Gen 3/ Hoenn Pokémon

hoenn pokemon

  • Tropius: The Middle East and Africa.
  • Torkoal: Southeast Asia.
  • Volbeat: Europe, Australia, and Asia.
  • Relicanth: The Cook Islands/New Zealand.
  • Solrock: Currently America and Africa. Switches with Lunastone.
  • Lunastone: Currently Europe and Asia. Switches with Solrock.
  • Illumise: America and Africa.
  • Seviper: Currently America and Africa. Switches with Zangoose.
  • Zangoose: Currently in Europe, Australia, and Asia. Switches with Seviper.

Gen 4/ Sinnoh Pokémon

sinnoh pokemon

  • Pachirisu: Canada.
  • Chatot: Southern Hemisphere.
  • Shellos: Pink Variant – Western Hemisphere. Blue Variant – Eastern Hemisphere.
  • Carnivine: Southeastern United States.
  • Uxie: Available on select raid periods. Asia and Pacific.
  • Azelf: Available on select raid periods. America.
  • Mesprit: Available on select raid periods. Middle East, Africa, and India.

Gen 5/ Unova Pokémon

unova pokemon

  • Pansear: The Middle East, Africa, India, and Europe.
  • Pansage: Asia/Pacific.
  • Heatmor: Western Hemisphere. Switches with Durant.
  • Durant: Eastern Hemisphere. Switches with Heatmor.

Part 2: How to use Dr.Fone - Virtual Location to catch Regional Pokémon

Catching regionally exclusive Pokémon requires you to travel to that location or region where the Pokémon is located, as it was originally intended by the game. Remember that Pokémon Go functions by tracking your location via GPS. Your GPS however, is a virtual means of tracking your IP address which can be faked using the right mock GPS and VPN. You can use a mock virtual location to fake your actual location and make it seem like you’re traveling around the world. The game itself would be tricked, allowing you to travel to regions and get your hands on those geo-exclusive Pokémon.

To get the best out of your mock location and also to avoid the risk of hitting a light ban on your account, Dr.Fone Virtual Location by Wondershare has been reviewed as a Mock GPS you can easily rely on. It offers a number of features that can come in handy while faking your location such as adjusting the speed so that it may seem like you’re actually traveling, you can use a 360-degree virtual joystick for manual control over your movements and you can also select specific routes on the map on which you want your in-game avatar to move on.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

You can follow these easy steps to set up and access your Dr.Fone Virtual Location in an instant and teleport to anywhere in the world.

Step 1: Download the Program

Download Dr.Fone – Virtual Location. Install and launch the program. Click ‘Virtual Location’ to get access to the options window.

drfone home

Step 2: Connect Device

Get the USB cable and connect your iPhone to the PC. And then click ‘Get Started’ to proceed.

virtual location 01

Step 3: Check the Location

When the location map opens, click on ‘Centre On’ to accurately pinpoint the GPS to your location.

virtual location 03

Step 4: Activate teleport mode

Now, click on the icon given in the upper right-hand corner. Enter your desired location on the upper right field and then click ‘Go’.

virtual location 04

Step 5: Start Teleporting

Once the location of your choice pops up, click ‘Move here’ in the pop-up box.

virtual location 05

Once the location has been changed, you can center your GPS or move the location on your device, it will still be set to the location you have selected.

Part 3: Tips to help catch Regional Pokémon

Catching regional Pokémon is just like catching any regular Pokémon. When they spawn near your location, you catch it by throwing a Poke ball at it. If the Poke ball is seen shaking, it means that the Pokémon is resisting and may just pop out from the ball in which case you may have to throw another one at it. Now, if you are traveling and you have limited time or a number of spawns then here are a few tips you can utilize to enhance your chances of landing a catch.

  • Curve Ball: Practice your curveball throws. Throwing a curve ball automatically increases your chances of preventing a Pokémon from slipping through your hands, plus you also get a 17x bonus with each successful curve catch.
  • Maximize your Medals: Medals increase your performance in the game without costing you any extra resources like Great balls, Ultra Balls, or Razz Balls. So, try and max out your medals to increase your chances of catching rare Pokémon, especially the exclusive ones.
  • Keep Consistent: The algorithm of the game is quite complex but eventually, a pattern emerges. You will notice that if you keep practicing with great or excellent catches with the smaller (low XP) Pokémon, it increases your chances of catching the ones that put up a fight.
  • Save your Berries: Feeding a Pokémon with Razz Berries increases your assurances of catching the Pokémon while also giving you a 15x bonus when you land a successful catch. Save your berries for those persistent Pokémon spawns.
  • Use Powerful Poke balls: Last but definitely not least, use powerful balls like the Great Ball or Ultra Ball to maximize your chances of catching Pokémon. You should also remember that these are diminishable resources so use them wisely. On catching a Pokémon with a Great ball you will get 15x and with an Ultra ball you would get 2x so utilize them accordingly to catch rare and super rare Pokémon.


The journey to completing your Pokedex may not be a short one as there are hundreds of Pokémon out there, and even hundreds more yet to be introduced into the game. Traveling the world in search of the rarest regional Pokémon is meant to be a fun and exciting experience, yet it may not be viable for some who wish to enjoy the game to the fullest. Utilizing a fake GPS and VPN can bridge the gaps in your Pokedex and keep the game fun for you at the same time. So keep playing and catching Pokémon as there are loads of other exciting installments yet to be introduced by Niantic in the future.

Preparation to Beat Giovani in Pokemon Go For Poco M6 5G

Are you ready to defeat Giovani effortlessly in Pokemon Go? Keep reading.

Giovani is the grand commander of the Team Go Rocket crime syndicate. The big boss appears stronger every month as he also changes his lineup of creatures monthly. This means your lineup of Pokemon Go Giovani counters would have to change subsequently. So how do you know the best Giovani Pokemon Go counters to use against the Team Go Rocket boss when next you meet him? Well, that’s left for this guide to answer. Here you will learn about how to defeat this monster and how to find him. Without wasting your time, let’s start with how to find Giovani in Pokemon.

Part 1. How to Find the Giovani in Pokemon

Locating Giovani’s hideout is never a walk in the park as you need to complete some daunting tasks. A detailed explanation of each task is given below:

1. A Troubling Situation Task

This four-step storyline Special Research task introduces players to the Team Go Rocket Invasion and Shadow Pokemon feature in the Pokemon Go game. Players leverage the task to learn how to stop the Team Go Rocket crime syndicate by reclaiming PokeStop and then purifying Shadow Pokemon.

How to Complete ’A Troubling Situation’ Task in Pokemon Go Giovani

Below you will find all the four steps you need to complete in the ‘A Troubling Situation’ task with their rewards:

Pokemon Go: A Troubling Situation Step 1

This step should be completed with ease since you aren’t new to the Giovani Pokemon Go game. Just evolve any two Pokemon that you own and then charge them up five times. And boom! You are done with this step.

Reward: 1,000 Stardust and 2,000 XP

Pokemon Go: A Troubling Situation Step 2

For this step, you have to catch two shadow Pokemon which can be achieved by defeating two Grunts from Team Go Rocket. On killing them, they will leave some shadow Pokemon behind which you have to catch. After that, go ahead and defeat the last Grunt to complete this step.

Reward: 2,000 Stardust, 2,000 XP, and 5 Golden Razz Berries

Pokemon Go: A Troubling Situation Step 3

After catching the shadow Pokemon in step 2, you need to catch one more to cleanse or purify the three of them. To do this, just tap on your shadow Pokemon, and then hit the Purify option. You will be charged some thousands of Stardust and a couple of candy for the shadow Pokemon.

Rewards: 2000 Stardust, 5 Silver Pinap Berries, and 1 Rare Candy

Pokemon Go: A Troubling Situation Step 4

For this step, you’ve got nothing to do. All three objectives have been automatically completed for you when you finished the previous step. You only get rewards at this final step.

Rewards: One Fast TM, One Charged TM, and 3 Rare Candies

2. Giovani Special Research Task

giovani special research

After completing the quest above, Giovani Special Research or Looming in the Shadows is the next and final quest you have to complete to face Giovani. It’s a six-step Special Research that introduces the Team Go Rocket Grunts and Leaders: Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra.

a troubling situation task

On completing one research step, you will be given a reward called the Super Rocket Radar. Like the Rocket Radar, the Super Rocket Radar can be equipped and unequipped from your Bag. This reward doesn’t only show Giovani’s hideout, it also shows some of his Grunts hideouts.

Part 2. What does the Pokemon Go Giovani Counter Contain?

Giovani remains the toughest beast amongst all the Team Go Rocket Leaders. When you find him in the game, be prepared to face his wrath. To defeat him, you need a powerful team.

The big boss choice of legendary Shadow Pokemon and second party members changes every month- the Pokemon you fought against the previous month will be different from that of the present month and thereafter.

Giovani’s lineup of creatures for October 2022 is shown below:

Lineup of Creature Pokemon
First Persian
Second Kangashkan, Nidoking, Garchomp
Third Mewtwo

For the Pokemon, Persian, and Kangashkan, try to have a Lucario, Conkeldurr, or Machamp in your team and you are good to defeat them.

When you encounter Nidoking or Garchomp, your team has to change. You will need to have a strong ice-type Pokemon on your team. The reason is that this new Lineup of creatures is strong on land and could cause substantial damage to the dragon-type Pokemon in case you wanna choose them.

Picking any of these great ice-type Pokemon, Mamoswine, Glaceon, or Weavile when you face Nidoking or Garchomp is a perfect choice. However, we recommend Mamoswine, because he isn’t just an ice-type Pokemon but also a strong ground-type Pokemon.

Once you defeat Team Go Rocket’s second lineup creatures, you will have to battle against the legendary psychic Pokemon, Mewtwo, who is weak to this set of Pokemon; bug, ghost, and Dark-type Pokemon. So beating this Pokemon Go Giovani grunt shouldn’t be a tedious task as you’ve got a plethora of choices when deciding the Pokemon-type to use. Origin Giratina and Tyranitar are some strong Dark-type Pokemon you can use to defeat Mewtwo.

Now you know the best Giovani Pokemon Go counters to use against each lineup of creatures, leverage it to advance to the next phase of the game where you will face the big bad boss himself, Giovani.

Part 3. Tips to Beat Giovani in Pokemon Go


Just as you did against Team Go Rocket Leaders, Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra, you need a Pokemon stronger than two of Giovani’s. With that, you can use the same Pokemon twice, thereby keeping your choice for Legendary Shadow Pokemon safe till you need it to beat Giovani.

Mind you, the big bad boss, Giovani has two Protect Shields at his disposal so you have to be careful while fighting against the monster. We implore you to start your game with a Pokemon that has a Charged move so you can charge as fast as possible.

Getting a strong Pokemon won’t come with ease, however, with the use of Dr.Fone- Virtual Location you can achieve this. The handy software is designed to help you spoof your iOS device location so you can catch any strong Pokemon of your choice remotely.

Key Features

  • With just a single click you can spoof your iPhone GPS location
  • The application allows you to simulate GPS movement at your comfort
  • It saves your location automatically in the database
  • Provides full-screen HD map view
  • Easily enter your target location name, address, or the exact coordinate on the application with a joystick

Guide to Use Dr.fone Virtual Location to Get Stronger Pokemon in Giovanni Pokemon Go

Step 1: Firstly, you have to download and install a compatible version of Wondershare drfone virtual location on your PC. Wait for the installation to complete, then run the application.

Step 2: The interface above will appear on your screen. With the aid of a lightning cable, connect your iPhone to a PC, then click on the Virtual Location icon. A new interface will pop up as shown in the image below

drfone home

Click on Get Started to change your location.

virtual location 01

Step 3: Your current location will appear on the PC screen. Switch location by entering the name or address of the place in the field at the upper left corner of the application.

virtual location 04

Step 4: The interface below will pop up on your screen. Click on the Move Here icon to teleport to your chosen location.

virtual location 05

And now you are good to have one of the strongest Pokemon on your team when fighting against Giovani. Leverage the Dr.Fone- Virtual Location program as it will help you ease the stress of catching stronger Pokemon remotely on your device without jailbreaking it.

Detailed guide of ispoofer for pogo installation On Poco M6 5G

Pokemon Go is Niantic’s most successful game that has taken the world by storm. Players get to be a part of the various regions of the Pokemon has now become one with our world. The game requires you to travel to different locations to complete researches, catch Pokemon, defend gyms, and most importantly, complete the Pokedex given by Professor Willow. Niantic’s games are designed to be played with others outdoors. This feature ends up giving players in some parts of the world advantage over others. This is specially to catch regional Pokemon and during ticketed events and sponsored events. Spoofers can avoid the barriers of distance and play anywhere in the world by iSpoofer for pogo installation and other such apps. Niantic, however, does not allow this and considers it the same as hacking. Players who were looking to play and access all the features of the game available all across the world.

Part 1: Will the iSpoofer back on 2020?

iSpoofer has been shut down. All its applications, websites, and other related services have been terminated. iSpoofer for pogo installation does not exist. If any website claims to give access to the application or iSpoofer direct download, it is fake. Also, the new Pokemon Go application version which is 0.195.0 has been updated to detect applications like iSpoofer, so on being detected, it may lead to a warning, or a permanent ban as well. And we don’t see the certainty to get it back soon.

Part 2: Detailed guide of iSpoofer for pogo installation

This detailed guide for iSpoofer installation is for those who still possess the older version of the app that works in an older iOS version.

Step 1 – Install the setup for iSpoofer on your computer if you had got it using. This requires the latest version of iTunes, so make sure that you have it installed.

install ispoofer setup

Step 2 – Once the setup is done, connect your phone to the computer and unlock it. You will have to select the “TRUST” option for the software to do its work. On selecting this option, iSpoofer will download a developer file that will spoof the location.

unlock and trust software

Step 3 – A map will load on your computer screen, which allows you to enter or point the location. Enter the location of your choice and click on “MOVE”. And that is it! Three simple steps and you have spoofed!

change your phone location

Part 3: How to use the iSpoofer when you play pokemon

Follow the tutorial above for ispoofer for pogo installation. A mock location has now been added to your device that makes iOS believe that you are at the entered spot.

pokemon go ispoofer view

Following these steps, disconnect your phone and launch Pokemon Go. From here you can either use the joystick to move around or use a “.gpx” file to add a preset route for you to move around. That would look like this -

gpx file for preset route

iSpoofer for pogo installation has the following disadvantages -

  • The application cannot work without iTunes and is very dependent on it.
  • Niantic can easily detect spoofing through this app and may lead to a ban.
  • Movement simulations are hard and unnatural, making it more susceptible to a ban.
  • Configurations and settings require some technical knowledge in to troubleshoot any errors.
  • The app is prone to crashing a lot. The interface sometimes cannot handle the constant change of locations.

All these issues are overcome with great detail by Dr. Fone Virtual Location (iOS) by Wondershare.

Part 4: Safer tool to spoof pokemon- drfone virtual location

Pokemon Go Spoofers using iOS need not depend on iSpoofer for jumping locations. Dr. Fone Virtual Location by Wondershare is the new, safer app to spoof in Pokemon Go. The app uses mock location services to help you teleport to anywhere across the world. This also allows you to be safe from the detection software in Pokemon Go.

What are the benefits of using Dr. Fone Virtual Location?

  • It provides a mock location and location changer – With just a single click, the application can change your location to where you want to. All apps on your phone will start recognizing this location.
  • It enables you to move at different speeds - It has 3 different speeds, namely walking, cycling, and driving that helps you travel faster or log in kilometers too.
  • The joystick allows movement – You can use the joystick to move your character around the map to navigate to Pokestops or rare wild spawns easily.
  • The map view gives a 360o view – By scrolling around the screen, you can get to see all the routes around you and plan accordingly.
  • Auto-walk feature - The game has an auto-walk feature in case you do not want to use the joystick to move around manually.
  • Keyboard movement commands – The player can also use the A, S, W and D keys on the keyboard to move around

Step by Step Guide to Install and use Dr. Fone Virtual Location -

Step 1 - Download the Dr. Fone Virtual Location by official Wondershare website. Connect your phone to the computer in to execute the changes. Click on the “Virtual Location” option.

drfone home

Step 2 – Now, on the next screen, you will see “Get Started” option. Click on it to proceed.

virtual location 01

Step 3 – The screen will now show a map with your current location on it. In case the location is incorrect, click on the “Center On” button at the bottom-right side of your screen.

virtual location 03

Step 4 – Select the “teleport” option by clicking on the icon on the top right corner. Then, in the text box, enter the city or the location’s exact name or the coordinates in the “latitude, longitude” format.

virtual location 04

Step 5 – After entering your location, select the “GO” option.

Step 6 – The app will show you an option that says “Move Here”. Click on it, and now you have successfully spoofed to your location of choice.

virtual location 05

Your spoofed location is now the default location of your phone, and all the apps will recognize it. The maps app on your phone looks like this –

virtual location 07

The teleportation is now complete. Enjoy playing the game with no lags or errors.


While spoofing between two distant locations give the required amount of time for the cooldown timer to reach zero. If you decide to spoof too quickly, you will automatically trigger a soft ban, and you will not be able to play most parts of the game like catching Pokemon or spinning Pokestops. If this occurs consistently over multiple occasions, it will trigger Niantic’s warning and may end up getting a permanent ban. It has a 3-strike policy. 3 warnings are given before the account is permanently deleted.

The notice looks like this -

pokemon go account ban

The cool-down period between two locations is based on distance and you can refer to the table below to understand the time you need to wait before logging in again.

cooldown time

Most gamers wait for the standard 2 hours before logging in again. This gives them access to all the game’s features like before.


We hope that this article has been informative, about Dr Fone Virtual Location and ispoofer for pogo installation. You can now spoof locations with ease by using Dr.Fone - Virtual Location app. Vigilance is needed, and spoofing must be done by following all rules of cool down. This would prevent you from being caught by Niantic, and by Officer Jenny. We would like you to enjoy the game throughout without having to lose any of your levels and Pokemon.

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